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Current: I am working on the final edit of my own book of literary, nonfiction shorts titled, "Holding On To Right-Side Up".

Current: I run a correspondence writers workshop.

Current: I co-moderated the National Writers Union On-line Literary Forum.

September 2012 issue of The Vocabula Review:  "Airtight,"  honorable mention for "Best Writing Competition."

August 2012:  Finalist with two works in the Essay division of the William Faulkner/William Wisdom writing competion, and winner with one poem in the Poetry category.

June 2012:  "Once Around the Lake," appeared in "Deep Waters," the Black & White series, published by Outrider Press.

June 2011:  "On a Wing and a Prayer," appeared in "A Bird in the Hand," anthology, Black & White series published by Outrider Press.

"Homophonic Embarrassments that can Result from Relying on Spell Check" May 2010 Issue of The Vocabula Review.

Caricature by Sam Norkin

William Faulkner/William Wisdom Literary Competition
, Finalist, Poetry Category, "Left-Over Man". 2010

Cup of Comfort for Grieving Hearts, "So Soft Her Goodbye". Released in Dec./Jan. 2009/2010

Christmas Traditions, "Piano Solo". Adams Media, F&W Publications. October 2009

William Faulkner/William Wisdom Literary Competition, Finalist in the Essay and Poetry Category, 2009

William Faulkner, William Wisdom Literary Competition, Special Honorable Mention in the Essay Category, 2008. Finalist in the Poetry Category and Fiction Category.

A Cup of Comfort for Writers, "On Unconditional Love and Rejection Slips," Fall of 2008

Letters to My Mother, Adams Media, Spring of 2007

Vacations, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, "The Peacock." Spring 2006, Outrider Press. Black and White Series.

Falling in Love Again: Second Chances, "Our Glass", Spring 2005, Outrider Press, Black and White Series.

Profiled in Byline Writers Desk Calendar 2005.

Mystery Scene Magazine: "So Long Lives This". Spring 2005.

Chicken Soup Healthy Living Series: "Eggs Over", published: August 2005.

The Simple Pleasures of Friendship, book. "Divine Rights", published:
January 2004.

William Faulkner Literary Competition. Finalist 1997-2010 in categories: Fiction, Personal Essay & Poetry.

Things that Go Bump in the Night: "A Skeleton in the Closet", Literary nonfiction. Outrider Press, Fall 2004.

New Century Writer: Winner Poetry: 2003.

Saturday Evening Post: Postscripts
Poem: "All's Bright On the Herm Front", July/August issue, 2003.

Family Gatherings, anthology of literary nonfiction: "Aftermath", Published: August 2003, Outrider Press.

A Cup of Comfort for Christmas: "Toy Soldiers", literary nonfiction.
Published: Christmas 2003.

Verbicide Magazine, poem, "April Showers", Fall 2003 issue.

New Century Writer Awards, 2002, "April Showers", 5th-place poetry winner.

New Century Writer, 2002: six stories in Finalist, Fiction category.

New Century Writer, 2002: "Heyday", "Fred", "Fairy Tales", "Age Old". Finalist, poetry category.

William Faulkner Writing Competition, 2002: "For My Wife" Finalist poetry category.

William Faulkner Writing Competition, 2002: "On a Wing and a Prayer", Personal Essay category.

Games Magazine, Mother's Day Quiz, May 2002 issue.

Saturday Evening Post, poem in Post Scripts, Spring of 2001.

Saturday Evening Post, poem "About Face", the Women's March, November/December Issue 2001.

Chicken Soup for the Writer's Soul, book "So Long Lives This", personal essay. Published: June 29, 2000.

1999-2000: A judge on the panel of judges for Chicken Soup for the
Writers Soul
book (published June 29, 2000)

New Century Writer Awards. Literary/Nonfiction category. Top 10, 7th
place for "Something Blue", 1999. Six stories placed in Finals, 2001.

Philadelphia Writers' Conference: a winner in the Personal Essay category, June 1999 and June 2000.

Saturday Evening Post, personal essay, November/December issue 1997

Writer's Digest: Chronicle column, personal essay, "So Long Lives This", January 1997.

Saturday Evening Post, "Eggs Over", January/February issue 1996

Finalist in The PEN Syndicated Fiction Project, 1991.

The New Press Literary Quarterly: "The Screaming Lady", Published Fall, 1994, Tenth Anniversary Issue. (Collaboration with son, Graig Weich, who did the artwork.)

Semi-Finalist PEN Syndicated Fiction Project, 1992, 1993, 1994.

Writer's Digest: placed two times in top 100 writers for 1995 and one time in 1998 / Category: Personal Essay, 1999.

Texas Tri-State Literary Festival (Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico): Winner - 1st Place article; 3rd Place Fiction; Honorable Mention - Inspirational 1995.

Texas Tri-State Literary Fair, 1994. Honorable Mention.

Texas Tri-State Literary Fair, 1993. Winner: Best of Show; 1st place and 2nd place. (All were personal essays.)

National Writer's Association Fiction Competition, placed twice in the top ten 1996 and Honorable Mention.

ByLine Magazine: First Place, two separate competitions Category: Filler: 1994 & 1995; Finalist ByLine Annual Award, Literary Competition 1997

Writer's Digest: "An Alternative Writing Workshop", 1992, article.

Our Town Newspaper, (Manhattan, New York), "My Years in the White
", personal essay, 1993

Co-Founder and Coordinator of Correspondence Writers' Workshop, 1991 to present.

Contributing Editor for Between-the-Lines, a publication of the National Writers Union, NY Local. (1986-1992).

Writer for Between-the-Lines, a publication of the National Writers Union, NY Local. (1986-1992)

National Headache Foundation Newsletter: "Me & the Night Visitor: A Journey Through a Migraine", 1992.

Authorship: Official Publication of the National Writer's Association: "On Unconditional Love and Rejection Slips" (article), 1992.

Poet Magazine: "The Champs Elysees", 1992.

Poet Magazine: Iva Mary Williams Award, 3rd place, 1992.

Wrote Foreword in Perceptions, Volume II, a poetry anthology published by The Write Technique, November 1991.

Mothering Magazine, "An Open Letter to Our Son On His First Birthday", 1975.

Mothering Magazine, "Big City Mothering", early 1982.

Mothering Magazine, "Grandmother", poem.

Poetry published and analyzed in The Writer, 1972

Honorable Mention in the Writer's Digest Competition; poetry. Early 1970's.

Special Honorable Mention: Essay competition, Byline Magazine. 1970's.

Honorable Mention for poetry in The National Writer's Assoc. Poetry Competition. 1970's.

Listed in the top 100 for Fiction competition by Writers' Digest. 1970's.

New York Alive Magazine: "Once Around the Reservoir". 1978

Honorable mention for article in the National Writer's Assoc. Article Competition. 1970's.

Former columnist for the Manhattan Tribune. 1968-1970.

Honorable Mention in the Annual Byline Literary Awards. 1970's.

7th Place Winner: Essay/Article Contest: National Writer's Association. Article. 1970's.

EARLY CREDITS: -- Late 1960's to Early 1970's:
  • New York Daily News Magazine - Sunday supplement
  • Our Town Newspaper
  • Mothering Magazine
  • Mother/Poet Anthology
  • New York Magazine
  • New York Daily News
  • Atlantic City Magazine
  • The New York Times
  • The New York Post
  • West Side Spirit Newspaper
  • Playboy Magazine
  • Manhattan Spirit Newspaper
  • Atlantic City Press
Pat Gallant

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