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How to Write A Mystery A Handbook from Mystery Writers of America Edited Lee Child
How to Write a Mystery continues the Mystery Writers of America tradition of helping authors tell-and sell!-their stories, from the rank beginner to the established bestseller. This all-new MWA handbook helps writers not only create timeless and compelling stories, but also navigate an ever-shifting publishing landscape. From pacing and dialogue to creating diverse characters and building reader outreach, How to Write a Mystery is a complete guide for a new generation of mystery writers. Because: "Crime doesn't pay. enough!"
Beyond Comics Inc.
A Multi Media Production Company and Winner of the NY International Film Festival. We create original comic books like our award winning comics: "Civilian Justice" and the upcoming sequels, "Code Name: Justice" and "Ravedactyl". We also create sculptures, toys, animation, 3-D characters, movie-special effects and more! Our president, Graig F. Weich, has been teaching Comic Book & F/X art classes in N.Y. since 1990.

Real Travel Adventures International Magazine
Your FREE online monthly international travel adventures magazine with hundreds of features by professional writers and photographers.

Best Selling author Connie Lynne Smith
Read her latest novel "Vanished Glory: A Family in America"
The story of the Irish in America
Outrider Press
Publisher of the acclaimed "Black-and-White" anthologies produced in affiliation with TallGrass Writers Guild. TallGrass provides a range of publication and performance opportunities for writers and is a rarity among non-profit art organizations in that it neither seeks nor accepts government grants because of the restrictions - often of a political and arbitrary nature - that accompany such funds.
The Animal Rescue Site
The Animal Rescue Site focuses the power of the Internet on a specific need - providing food for some of the 27 million unwanted animals given to shelters in the US every year. Over 10 million animals are put to death every year in the US alone because they are unwanted, abandoned, or abused.

Jason Marchi
Senior Correspondent
Shore Publishing Community Newspapers

Private office:
32 Alfred Street
New Haven, CT 06512
203.215.0625 cell (preferred contact)
203.643.2206 fax
203.245.1877 x6166 office

In May 2010, two of Jason's Person of the Week Profiles won awards in the most recent Excellence in Journalism Awards sponsored by the Society of Professional Journalists, Connecticut Chapter. Al Martone: A Glass Half Full (East Haven Courier) won 2nd Place and June Pinto: Saving At-Risk Kids (North Haven Courier) won Honorable Mention in the same category.

In May 2009, Jason's newspaper feature story from the Waterford Times, "Nora and Porter: Big Dog Therapy at York Correctional" was awarded 2nd Place in the Excellence in Journalism Awards sponsored by the Society of Professional Journalists, Connecticut Chapter. Read the award-winning story here.

Roger Angle
Visit Roger Angle - writer, editor and public relations consultant. Angle was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize his first year as a reporter and has published hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles over the years. He is available for freelance work in both journalism and public relations. His publications include poetry, short fiction and literary non-fiction. He blogs
The Vocabula Review
Each month, some 200,000 people visit The Vocabula Review -- certainly the principal web destination for anyone interested in the English language. Our readership is a decidedly educated one comprising professional people, professors and teachers, writers and editors, and others interested in how the English language is spoken and written in today's society. Vocabula's subscribers are intelligent, thoughtful, and well read. Since 1999, we have published more than 135 issues of The Vocabula Review, each replete with information and essays about the English language.
Purple Finch Press
Nancy Keats is a published author who writes poetry, children's books and prose.
The NY Chapter of the National Writers Union
is one of several chapters located throughout the country that represent freelance writers in all types of mediums. Whether you are a journalist, book author, editor, tech and/or business writer, the NY Chapter strives to make sure that the contract you sign is a fair one. In addition to helping writers earn better compensation, the NY Chapter hosts ongoing events throughout the year so that writers can network with one another and learn from each other. See our website for upcoming events.
Marion S. Dreyfus
Read her reviews in Rotten Tomatoes, Daily Speculations; articles in Think&, Daily Speculations, and Real Travel Adventures. Contact for editing, writing, news, humor, healthcare or political projects long or short:; 212.580.8723
Verbicide Magazine
Publisher/Editor, Jackson Ellis
A literary magazine of poetry and prose
Colleen Sell
Author, Editor, Ghostwriter
Editor of the best-selling Cup of Comfort book series
Vincent Ciano
Author of "Life with Marilyn", a tribute to Mr. Ciano's late wife and an affirmation that true love does indeed exist, even beyond the boundries of time.

Migraine Expressions
a book of art, photography, poetry, and essays from people with Migraine condition or whose lives are impacted by it. This hardcover, full-color volume illustrates Migraine through the work of professional and amateur artists and writers of all ages. It brings together honest expressions of not only the pain and challenges of Migraine, but also the hope, optimism and accomplishments of those of us living with it. These expressions will help impart an awareness and understanding of the Migraine experience to people without it, including health care professionals, and offer validation to other Migraineurs. Betsy Blondin is a longtime writer, editor, and Migraineur publishing the book via her company, Word Metro Press.

A. Louise Staman
is a national/international prizewinning author and poet, whose most recent biography, "Loosening Corsets: The Heroic Life of Georgia's Feisty Mrs. Felton, First Woman Senator of the United States", has won the 2007 Eric Hoffer and Independent Publisher Book awards for best biography. Felton became a Senator in 1922. This work also shows how women in the south won their civil rights, which is quite different from those in the north. She is also editor of Tiger Iron Press. Their next book, "Nick's New Heart", the true story of one of the first U.S. heart transplants on an infant, will appear in June. Staman has authored five published books, one in French (Paris) and will research in France in May for her future book on French publishing under the Nazi occupation.

Doug Roberts
writing as Shaun Kelsey is the author of the Science Fiction/Outdoor Adventure series "Endangered" "KISHTLA!" (future release), and "Manifest Destiny" (future release). Writing as Doug Wm. Roberts, he has written numerous novels and short stories for a Star Trek fanzine and is presently working on a three book Historical Fiction series titled "The Long Shadow" that takes place in the final years of the Wild West.

The Native American Rights Fund (NARF)
is one of the largest Indian nonprofit organizations in the United States that provides legal advice and representation to individuals, Indian tribes and organizations on issues of major importance to Native Americans.

"Broken promises...Broken treaties...the broken hearts of America's first people you can help mend the wounds..."


The Life Issues Publisher
HCI, The Life Issues Publisher has been publishing books that change lives since 1977. In 1994 HCI published the first Chicken Soup for the Soul book which not only became a New York Times bestseller, but continues to be an international publishing phenomenon. Since 1994, the books in the Chicken Soup For The Soul series have sold more than 65 million copies.

HCI has expanded its publishing operations to encompass: Inspiration, Soul/Spirituality, Relationships, Recovery/Healing, Women's Issues, and Self Help. Currently, HCI publishes over 500 titles and maintains contractual relationships with over 150 authors.


Mystery Scene Magazine
Your Guide to the Best in Crime, Mystery, & Suspense

"Mystery Scene consistently provides something available nowhere else - a true inside look at the whole world of crime fiction, of abiding interest to those intimately connected to it, as writers or reviewers or publishers or fans."
Lawrence Block, author of the bestselling Matt Scudder novels and MWA Grand Master.

Pat Gallant

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